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General Rules
  • 1. "Treat others the way you want to be treated." Simple banter is allowed on this site, and both (or more) parties should recognize what is considered banter or not. If bullying is reported, we will look into it and determine the situation. Bullying will result in a warning; Multiple offenses will result in a ban.
  • 2. Do Not Slander Do not damage a user's reputation without valid and legitimate evidence. Things that are considered "evidence" are images, screenshots, or discussions.
  • 3. No Illegal Discussions/Downloads No links to illegal downloads or copyrighted materials are permitted. This includes movies, books, software, etc. Do not attempt to sell these products or post links to where this can be done. This will result in a ban.
  • 4. No Alternate Accounts IP's are provided to us once you have posted. This will be checked to verify that you do not have multiple accounts. Attempting to do this will result in a ban. If there is a circumstance where you think your IP may show up for different accounts, contact us FIRST, so we are aware of the situation. This offense will result in an immediate ban shortly after contact.
  • 5. Do not Impersonate Impersonation means trying to be someone else. This isn't allowed on this forum, and you will be banned without notice.
  • 6. No Plagiarism Do not steal other's works and writings! If you find any interesting statements or information from another website, please give them proper credit. Simple plagiarism rules.
  • 7. Sharing links and downloads Any link redirecting a user or staff to a phishing site, malware site, IP logging site, or any form of a malicious site will result in a ban, and we will attempt to contact domain services for the removal of the shared site.
  • 8. Asking to be staff We do not offer roles for staff. However, when the time comes, we may seek new staff members via PM.
  • 9. Do not derail threads Keep each thread on topic, do not stray away from the main topic.
  • 10. Spam Keep each new thread meaningful! Any form of spam will result in either a mute, warning, ban or IP ban.
  • 11. Do not leak private information/content Leaking private information will result in a warning followed by the removal of the post, or it may result in a ban depending on the offense.
  • 12. All Private Conversations are to be Kept Private Never share personal conversations with other users, unless approved by the other party.
  • 13. No Raids This section is in regards to any individual, or groups of people, who partake in "raids." Raids are organized attacks which usually is spam, etc. We do not tolerate this, and we ask you before hand to not commit this action. We strongly believe in free speech, and we hope you do too.
  • 14. Content/Pictures No pornography, sensitive images, child porn, or any sexual-related images for that matter! You will be banned without a warning for this offense!
  • 16. Language Swearing is allowed but keep it relevant and at a minimum, just stay professional.
  • 17. Respect Other Users We are all people, just act professional and respect one another!
  • 18. Do not bump topics more than 30 days old. If a thread seems to be inactive, please do not reply to it. This is so that we can keep spam to a minimum.
  • 19. Use Common Sense Use simple common sense, if you feel like you may be violating a rule, please contact us, and we will give you information!
Apr 5, 2017
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